It is with great sadness that we have to close our dining room, the health of our customers and employees come before all other considerations.

We very much hope this shutdown is temporary and hope to see you again soon, stay tuned for any new information on our page Facebook.

Please note that our store remains open every day, until further notice.

You can see below, the measures taken to comply with public health standards.

Thank you for your continued support, look forward to seeing you again.

Measures taken

  • We have disinfectant terminals when entering the shop, before entering the walk and also in the orchard.
  • The mask must be worn in the shop and in the ride.
  • A customer service representative is at the entrance off the store to ensure that not too many people enter the store at the same time.
  • We have created an entrance and an exit at the other end of the old crêperie so that people who come in do not come face to face with people who leave.
  • We closed our creperie to have more space in the shop to allow people to be less cramped inside.
  • We also put red pastilles like in grocery stores to direct people.
  • We opened the space to pick the apples much greater than in other years 30 000 apple trees available.
  • All our employees wear the mask.
  • Plexiglas have been installed in the shop in front of the cashiers.


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